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In order to support the Group’s Primary Services in its Product Suite, and to additionally provide as helpful, streamlined and effective service to its Members as possible, and ensure equality of access-opportunity to all Members across various socio-economic sectors in multiple locations, a variety of Secondary and Support Facilities were custom-built by for use across the Group.

An overview of the Secondary and Support Facilities in the Group Product Suite are as follow:

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  • As the Group’s Global Telephony Service follows a Prepaid model, Members load their telephone accounts with Stored Credit prior to being able to use them – as with all prepaid Models of all Mobile and Landline telephone companies worldwide.
  • However, in order to load their prepaid telephone Accounts with their Stored Credit, Group Members have to do so via a Payment Gateway, loading their credit with Credit or Debit Cards, or from online wallets connected to their Bank Accounts.
  • Although this represents a seamless and easy process for many people, it does not, at all, cater for the 30% of unbanked people in the world (more than 2.2 Billion people). They are unable to access services that require payment from Credit or Debit cards, or facilities linked to a bank account.
  • These people have, to a very great extent, been bypassed in respect of 21st Century online products and services, and consequently very often pay much higher costs for their goods and services.
  • To cater for this market, developed – in-house – a Globally-applicable and Multicurrency Top-Up Voucher system. It is the only Globally valid and Multicurrency Top-Up Voucher system in the world that can function in the way that it does, and seamlessly.
  • Group Top-Up Vouchers are pre-purchased by Independent Agents and VSMPs, for resale to members.
  • This is easily done by Independent Agents and/or VSMPs using the Payment Gateway (or a bank transfer, or Stored Credit in their Telephone Accounts – as does not accept cash) to purchase Top-Up Vouchers in any denominations and any quantities that they choose (as appropriate to and for their market).
  • The Top-Up Voucher system has been developed entirely in house by the Group and is totally managed and implemented via the Agents and VSMPs Administration Console. No other equipment is required to be bought, rented or maintained by Independent Agents or VSMPs to enable their safe and secure acquisition – and issue – of these Top-Up Vouchers.
  • Once the payment for the Top-Up Vouchers is received by, the Voucher Codes are generated, and placed into the relevant part of the Agent’s or VSMP’s Administration Console for retrieval.
  • The Agent or VSMP then resells the Top-Up Vouchers to its Members, either at face value (because they will derive revenue from the usage of the Vouchers by their Members in any event), or at whatever mark-up their particular situation merits (as decided by the Independent Agent / VSMP, and the local market demand & supply realities).
  • The Member can then load the Top-Up Voucher onto his or her Account, and will immediately have electronic Stored Credit available in his/her online account.
  • The Member will therefore be able to participate in the online / 21st Century economy, with Stored Credit in electronic format, and make use of the Group’s online low-cost and high-quality products in the same way that banked person can – in a fair equality-of-access opportunity situation.
  • Multiple Security aspects have been built in to the Top-Up Voucher system, including a unique facility for members to check the validity of the voucher and the amount that it is worth prior to paying for it.
  • Moreover, the Top-Up Voucher system and process includes delivery of not just a unique 16-digit Top-Up Voucher Code (which contains encoded details of the Voucher Currency and denomination), but also a unique 5-digit KEY which is only able to be matched with its unique Voucher Number in order to be able to redeem the Top-Up Voucher.
  • This results in a fully secured, securitized and controllable system, which functions according to classic Blockchain principles, and is a hybrid of centralized and decentralized systems. This is because Voucher recipients are able to change the KEY on purchase of the Top-up Voucher – in order to protect the integrity of the Top-Up Voucher if there is going to be a delay between their purchasing the Top-Up Voucher and loading it onto their Accounts.
  • This Service and Facility is provided free to Group Members, in that there is no charge by the Group for the issue of a Top-Up Voucher (other than the Stored Credit amount that was purchased).
  • This is another world-first and unique product within the Group Product Suite.
  • As Group Members are in various countries, and because many of them travel or work in countries other than those in which they live, they often load their accounts with Stored Credit in different currencies – either over the Payment Gateway or through buying Top-Up Vouchers in different currencies in different countries.
  • In order to assist Members so that they do not suffer under the notorious “Double Billing” system (whereby they are effectively “billed” a second time through the forced conversion of one currency to another over which they have no control), the Group has applied a “Currency Wallet” system within its Members’ Prepaid Telephone Accounts.
  • Although they are called “Currency Wallets”, these “Wallets” are not, in fact, Wallets as known or referred to in Financial Services Models. They are only termed “Wallets” in the Group environment to indicate to Members the nature of their potential Storage use. They are in fact only sub-divisions of the Member’s existing Prepaid Telephony Account, which enables the Member to retain his or her Stored Credit in different currencies in the Prepaid Account – without being forced to convert them all into one currency without his or her control or input.
  • They are additionally structured so that Members can choose from which “Currency Wallet” the billing for their Calls and Texts takes place at any time.
  • These “Currency Wallets” for their accounts are able to be immediately and automatically selected by members within their own prepaid telephone Accounts, at any time.
  • This Service and Facility is provided free to Group Members.
  • This is a world-first and unique facility within the Global Telephony Sector. 
  • As a further refinement to the Currency Wallet system, and to ensure that Group Members are protected from “Double Billing” system and process, the Group has also built a customized Currency Conversion system within the Product Suite.
  • Unlike all other Facilities, this system includes an integration with an external party, which has modified its existing systems to build a customized solution that could integrate harmoniously with the Group Product Suite.
  • Initially, the Group applied its own custom-built Currency Conversion system. However, because the Group is a Telephony Company and not a Currency Trading company or Financial Services company, it took the decision to rather let a leading sector-specialist company in Currency Trading that was capable of integrating with the Product Suite execute these activities on behalf of the Group.
  • What was therefore done was to integrate the Group’s online and instant live Currency Conversion system with that of the (customized to requirements) Currency Conversion company’s systems.
  • This has brought about a system whereby all clients worldwide can – from a mobile phone in a rural area or a sophisticated computer terminal in a capital City – immediately carry out online and real-time currency conversions, at extremely favorable rates.
  • The purpose of this is to assist Members who have online Stored Credit in one or some of their “Currency wallets” to convert and consolidate these remaining funds back into one currency if they are finished their travels. 
  • Alternatively, they can convert from one currency to another before traveling, to be able to have some of the “local” currency from whatever countries they are traveling to, available in their Currency Wallets, to be able to monitor and evaluate what the costs are in relation to local norms.
  • This will also – as with the Currency Wallets – alleviate Group Members’ exposure to the notorious “Double-Billing” system of enforced currency conversions over which they have no control, as the control of any currency conversions is now placed firmly in their control, and at extremely favorable and equitable live currency rates.
  • This facility to immediately carry out live-rate currency conversions by any Member from any location 24/5/365 (it is available five days a week, when global forex markets are open), enables Members to consolidate their own Stored Credit themselves.
  • This Service and Facility is provided to Group Members at Conversion rates which are more favorable than many Bank Rates.
  • It is a unique and world-first product in the Global Telephony sector.
  • As with all Prepaid Telephony Companies, the Group provides the facility for members to Top-Up one another’s Prepaid telephony Accounts with Stored Credit. 
  • The first Primary Market for this facility is Members who are “banked”, who Top Up their dependents’, employees’ or business associates’ accounts for them. Examples of this are Parents who Top-Up their children’s accounts when the children are traveling or at University; employees of companies or business partners who are traveling on business for a company, and similar situations. In this case, the motivation for Topping Up another person’s account is that they are dependents or employees of the person/entity doing the Topping-Up.
  • The second Primary Market for this facility is Members who are “unbanked”. In this case, it is not possible for family members or friends / associates of members who are also unbanked to credit their Prepaid telephone Accounts with electronic Stored Credit if they are not able to obtain Top-Up Vouchers. In such cases, unbanked Members who have already credited their accounts through purchasing Group Top-Up Vouchers are able to Top-Up the Prepaid Telephone Accounts of other unbanked Members through Top-Up Transfers, to enable them to also enter into a the 21st Century market, and utilize the Global Telephony Facilities of the Group.
  • The Group Top-Up Transfer service is a custom-built and unique service internationally, and it has many unique attributes.
  • Included among these attributes is that a Top-Up Transfer can be done from any Currency Wallet of any member to any other Currency wallet of any other Member – in any VSMP and across & between all VSMPs – internationally.
  • Members can also use the Currency Conversion facility to do a Currency Conversion from their currency to the currency of the recipient – online, instantly and at market leading favorable rates.
  • Thereafter, they can implement the Top-Up Transfer to the other Member, and the Top-Up Transfer will be completed within 1/100th of a second – whether the recipient Member is sitting right next to the transferee – or is on the other side of the world.
  • This can to be done directly by all and any Members, 24/7/365.
  • Moreover, as with the “Currency Wallets”, although this facility is called a “Top-Up Transfer” Facility, this is only to illustrate its use to Members, because it is, in fact, not a “Transfer” at all as understood in Financial Services terms.
  • Because all Members Stored Credit is held in the same Segregated Multicurrency Bank Account by, if one Member does a Top-Up Transfer of his/her Stored Credit from his/her Group Prepaid Telephone Account to another Member’s Prepaid Telephone Account, no transfer of any sort actually occurs, because no Stored Credit moves out of the Segregated Multicurrency Bank Account, at all.
  • All that in fact happens is that the ledger entry that records the amount of Stored Credit in the Segregated Multicurrency Bank Account that is owned by one Member is immediately adjusted to reflect X amount debited from the “transferring” Member’s Prepaid Telephone Account, and the same X is simultaneously instantly credited to the “receiving” Member’s Group Prepaid Telephone Account.
  • Therefore, there is an instantaneous Top-Up “Transfer” of Stored Credit from one Member to another, which takes 1/100th of a second to complete whether the Members are next to each other or halfway across the world, without any actual physical “Transfer” of funds occurring, because they remain static in one Bank Account.
  • Because the Bank Account is a Multicurrency Account, even if the Transfer is done from one currency to another, the funds in the Bank Account similarly do not move in any “Transfer”. They are just reallocated from one currency sub-account to another currency sub-account within the same Bank Account, with, again, only a ledger-entry change required.
  • Through this, the Group has achieved that which was previously considered to be an impossible task – that of enabling real peer-to-peer Top-Up Transfers, on demand and under the control of the Members, globally and instantaneously, in a fully self-sustaining matrix, from and to any currencies, 24/7/365. Moreover, it is a system whereby, although the Stored Credit owned by various Members alters, no actual “Transfer” of any funds from one place to another or from one Bank Account to another ever takes place.
  • This Service and Facility is provided to Group Members at extremely low cost, which are on average up to 90% less than other “Top-Up” services.
  • In the way that it is configured and functions, it is a world-first and unique facility in the Global Telephony Sector.
  • In order to increase the level of security of and for Group Members' Accounts, account management and transactions, the Group developed the Account Number or ITAN system.
  • The ITAN system functions in the same manner as the International IBAN system, it is just more widespread – being worldwide in applicability and operation, as opposed to being limited to a comparatively small geographic area.
  • The ITAN Numbers are 20-digit account numbers, with a unique ITAN Number assigned to every Group Member’s account.
  • The ITAN Numbers are also specifically constructed, so that they indicate the Region and Country in which the Member whose account it is resides, as well as other aspects.
  • Most transactions on the Group Product Suite require the inserting of a Member’s ITAN Number to proceed.
  • The Member-unique ITAN Number combined with the Member-unique Mobile Phone Number (which must match) brings about a totally unique verification methodology, which must match in order for Member transactions to proceed. This resolves any issues to do with – for the most simple considerations – incorrect or duplicate Member names, misspellings, etc; as well as more substantial considerations.
  • The ITAN Numbers – together with texted TAN Number and other security features – also enhance the security for Group Member accounts and activities to Five-Factor or Six-Factor Multi factor Authentications.
  • This Service and Facility is provided free to Group Members.
  • The ITAN Number system is another unique and world-first feature in the Global Telephony Sector. 
  • In all situations where Clients or Members of a company or organization prepay for a service – which prepayment they will draw down on progressively as they use the service With all Companies – this pre-payment is known as “Stored Credit”. 
  • It is termed “Stored Credit” because such prepayments represent the Client’s or Member’s intended future use of it to acquire – in one go or progressively – the service. However, until the Client or Member actually uses this “Stored Credit” for the service, it remains the legal property of the Client or Member, who retains ownership of it.
  • As such, and as with all items that remain the legal property of an owner, the owner may request the return of such property on demand. This is especially the case with stored credit of a financial nature (i.e. money).
  • In such cases, not only is it the right of the owner of the property to be able to request a return of his/her legal property, it is a legal obligation for the company or organization that is holding that property to return it. Again, this is especially the case where the property is of a financial nature (i.e. money, in the form of “Stored Credit”).
  • Although many companies and organizations try to make it difficult for Clients or Members to obtain their Stored Credit in refunds, or try to drag the process out for as long as possible, and the Group have always had a policy of complying with such requests as rapidly as possible. 
  • This is because it is assumed that if a person requires such a refund, there will have arisen an event in the person’s life that is of an urgent nature, and it will therefore potentially seriously inconvenience the person to wait overly long for the refund. 
  • It is also best practice to comply rapidly with a Client or Member request if one is running an efficient and professional business.
  • Whereas previously the procedure for Members to apply for a refund of Stored Credit with the Group, and have the procedure to send the refund, both required manual processes, the Group has now optimized the process to place the control of their own affairs once more in the hands of the Members themselves.
  • To do this, the Group has developed a Member-controlled “Refund Transfer” process, which enables any Group Member to implement a Refund Transfer of all or part of their Stored Credit in their own Prepaid Telephone Accounts back to their own Bank Accounts.
  • For security and best practice reasons, such refund transfers can only be made to a Bank Account in the name of the Group Member, and only once the Group Member has uploaded his or her authenticated KYC documentation to the Group.
  • There are some additional security and best practice requirements applied to this process (described on the Refund Transfers Page) if all of the Stored Credit in the Group Member’s account did not originate from him/her (i.e. if it originated from another Group Member in a Top-Up Transfer), but they are easily adhered-to verification processes.
  • As such, in this instance too, the Group has once again placed control of a Member’s affairs in the Member’s own hands, and enables Members to have full access to that which is, in any event, legally theirs, and which they have a legal right to do with as they see fit without delay, let or hindrance.
  • This Service and Facility is provided free to Group Members, in that there is no cost or penalty levied for refunding their Stored Credit. The only occasional charge is that the transferring bank may levy a transfer fee (a standard Bank Charge) when transferring the Stored Credit to the Member’s bank Account.
  • This is a unique and world-first facility in the Global Telephony Sector. Group Online Telephone Accounts enable Members to save and store multiple Telephone Numbers (i.e. Mobile 1, Mobile 2, Home, Office, etc) from which they can call from using their Accounts, with one-click selection. This can also include numbers in and from multiple countries. This Service and facility is provided free to Group Members, and is a world first and unique Facility in the Global Telephony Sector.

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The Group also provides Members with a detailed “History” Facility, which provides Itemized Records in Real Time of all activities that they carry out on the Group Product Suite. Many of these Itemized History Facilities can be clicked on to provide Transaction-Specific details, which are of a nature that they can be downloaded as they are for direct insertion into reconciliation or other accounting records or documents. These Itemized and or Detailed Itemized Records are available for all Group:

  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Outgoing Top-Up Transfers
  • Incoming Top-Up Transfers
  • Currency Conversions
  • Stored Credit Loading via the Payment Gateway
  • Stored Credit Loading via Top-Up Vouchers
  • Refund Transfers

This Service and Facility is provided free to Group Members, and is a world-first and unique facility in the Global Telephony Sector.

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  • All parts of the Product Suite are constructed with Members’ security in mind.
  • On all processes, Five-Factor Authentication or Six-Factor Authentication processes are in place to ensure maximum account, process and transaction security and integrity.
  • Although these processes have been constructed to function in an easy and streamlined manner for Members’ usage, they are nevertheless difficult to defeat.
  • They include simultaneous of Members’ Usernames, Passwords, ITAN Numbers, Mobile telephone Numbers – as well as the receipt of texted TAN Numbers and possession of the Member’s own Mobile Phone. These are simultaneous combinations of Authentication requirements that are very difficult to defeat.
  • Nevertheless, to go the extra mile in elevating maximum security for Members to an even higher level for the case of Extraordinary Circumstances. Extraordinary Circumstances can include situations where disagreements occur between Members and people to whom they have provided all relevant details for their accounts (which is not recommended), or any other extraordinary situation.
  • For the case of any such potential Extraordinary Circumstances, the Group provides Members with an Account Blocking facility for their Accounts.
  • To be specific, this facility is a Member-controlled Account Blocking and Unblocking Facility.
  • Using this Facility, it is a simple two-click process for a Member to immediately block and freeze his or her Account, immediately, at any time of the day or night, from any internet-enabled PED or mobile Phone.
  • This provides Members with the Peace of Mind to know that in the case of any Extraordinary Circumstances, their Account will nevertheless be secured.
  • Similarly, if a Member then wishes to Unblock his or her Account, they can also do themselves at any time of the day or night, in a rapid process, which requires the Member to have his or her own Mobile Phone and other details to hand.
  • Through this process, the Member’s control of this aspect of his or her account is again placed into the Member’s own hands, instead of being at the mercy of a long waiting line in a call center’s queue, or facing a situation where nothing is available to be done if such centers are closed.
  • This Service and Facility is provided free to Group Members.
  • This Member-controlled Account Blocking and Unblocking facility is a world-first and unique facility in the Global Telephony Sector. 
  • In order to carry out Refund Transfers, to apply to be an Independent Agent or to apply for a VSMP, KYC Documents are required to be uploaded by Members.
  • The KYC Upload facility is – like every Group Facility and process – custom-built.
  • It enables Members to easily upload the required KYC Documents, as well as KYC Authentications (as described in the “My KYC” Facility).
  • It similarly caters for the great many people worldwide – especially “unbanked” persons, who do not have recognized KYC Documentation. 
  • This is catered for by the provision of a very specific “Substitute KYC” document with Authentication – required to be completed and authenticated by a verified Attorney or Notary – which fulfills all the international Legal and Regulatory requirements of Standard KYC documents. 
  • Through this, the Group is able to adhere to its “equality of access-opportunity” ethos, by ensuring that the generally-excluded 2.2 Billion “unbanked” people internationally are also able to achieve equality of opportunity insofar as access to use 21st Century online facilities is concerned.
  • This Service and Facility is provided Free to Group Members.
  • The Member-controlled uploading of KYC with Authentication and the “Substitute KYC” with Authentication represent word-first and unique facilities in the Global Telephony Sector.

Although the Primary Telephony Service is a “Pay as you go” / “Prepaid” service, it nevertheless functions on per-second billing (not per minute or part thereof), and it also provides Members with Real Time Itemized Billing immediately after calls made or texts sent, which is immediately available in the Member’s History Facility. This is a very rare Facility in the Global Prepaid Telephony Sector, and it is provided free to Group Members.

Back to top Online Telephone Accounts have a Contacts facility that enables Members to Store all their Contacts’ Names and Numbers online, for accessing and use at any time from any telephone device or number. They are also a backup for Members whose Phones are lost, as these Contact Numbers remain in the account and not on a Member’s telephone.

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