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An Overview of these additional Group Services and Facilities that are being rolled out over the next 18 months is as follows:

The Group’s Service and Facilities have always been provided on a Multilingual Platform. 

This current Upgraded Platform has been initially released in the English Language only, but it is also been built to function – as the Group always has – in a Multilingual format, with both ASCII and Unicode languages.

The languages used on the Platform cater for First, Second or Third languages of over 90% of the world’s population. This is because even if a Company or product has global coverage, if the potential Members in most countries cannot read it, they cannot use it.

Although this English-language Sub-Platform of the upgraded Group Services and Facilities has been made live first, the additional language Sub-Platforms will also be made live in the near future.

The initial languages in which the Group Services and Facilities Sub-Platforms are being made live are as follow, in alphabetical order:

• Arabic 

• Chinese

• Dutch

• Filipino

• French

• German

• Hindi
• Indonesian

• Italian

• Japanese

• Korean

• Malaysian

• Polish

• Portuguese
• Russian

• Spanish

• Turkish

• Urdu

• Vietnamese


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Multiple Companies and Organizations worldwide have contacted the Group to request arrangements whereby they will be able to offer Group Members various Discounts and Deals for utilizing their services.

The Group follows-up on any arrangements that can provide benefit to Group Members.

Due to the Group’s Global Coverage, the number and scope of Companies and Organizations that have approached it is very wide, and it will be of substantial benefit to Group Members to be able to have these advantages.

As such, the Group is already in the process of Establishing its Loyalty Card program, which will link to these various Companies and Organizations, and enable Group Members to enjoy various and multiple discounts and other favorable concessions worldwide.

The Group Loyalty Card is a Digital Card, permanently stored in a Member’s Personal Account. It is displayed on a Member’s Mobile Phone – with a version that functions on pre-Smart Mobile Phones too. It has all of the high-level Security Features of all other Group Products and Facilities built into it.

The Group Loyalty Card is also integrated with Members' ITAN Numbers, and as a subsidiary feature, it will be integrated to the Group Stored Credit Refund Machines (SCRMs – see next paragraph). Group Loyalty Cards can already be applied for my Members from their Group Accounts, and they will be automatically issued once this Facility is ready to be made live.

There are no fees or costs at all levied by the Group on its Members for acquiring Group Loyalty Cards. 

This Facility is already fully-functional within the system, and it will be rolled out to Members in the near future.

This is a world-first and unique Service and Facility in the Global Telephony Sector.

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The Group has created its Global Top-Up Voucher system specifically to cater for the 30%+ of the world’s population (more than 2.2 Billion people) who are “Unbanked”. Due only to the fact that they are “Unbanked”, this large percentage of the world’s population are de-facto denied access to the 21st Century Digital Economy and Digital Services. This is because, being “Unbanked”, they cannot place credit onto Online Businesses through Traditional Payment Gateways (which require a Debit or Credit Card, or a Bank Account, or an Online Wallet).

Although the development of the Global Top-Up Voucher solved the requirement to facilitate – on a global basis – the bringing in to the 21st Century Digital Economy / Digital Services Arena, it still did not provide proper “equality of opportunity” and “equality of access-opportunity” in terms of the full cycle of placement of “Stored Credit” into an online Account.

This is because although the system that enables them to place Stored Credit onto an online Platform in digital format has been solved, a system that enables them to Refund their Stored Credit to themselves if they need or want to had not been solved.

This was because they could not carry out a Group Refund Transfer, because Refund Transfers may only go to a Bank Account that belongs to the Group Member himself / herself.

Therefore, a System was developed which will provide all Group Members – including Unbanked” Members who cannot effect Refund Transfers – with equal access to apply for refunds of their Stored Credit on demand.

This process is the Stored Credit Refund Machine (SCRM) process, which is as follows:

  • The Group has identified relevant machines that are able to securely store and dispense money, in a similar manner to Automated Teller Machines.
  • These machines can be integrated into the Group system on a worldwide basis, utilizing Mobile Phone SIM connections to the Online System.
  • Independent Agents and VSMPs will be given the opportunity to acquire these machines and place them in venues selected by them.
  • These machines are known as “Stored Credit Refund Machines” (“SCRMs”), because their purpose is to enable Group Members who are unable to utilize the Refund Transfer facility to nevertheless gain access to Refunds of their Stored Credit, on an equality of opportunity and equality of access-opportunity basis to all other Members.
  • For Best Practice reason, equivalent limits on the amounts able to be Refunded to Members in Stored Credit Refund Withdrawals will be restricted to amounts that are equivalent to those applied in the Financial Sector to ATM machines.
  • All 5-Factor and 6-Factor Multi-Factor Authentication processes as are applied in and to all other Group Services and Facilities are being applied with the SCRMs.
  • The Group Loyalty Card has been structured to be the instrument through which Members will be able to access and use the SCRMs worldwide.

This is a world-first and unique Service and Facility in the Global Telephony Sector.

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The Group has structured a Global Business Pages Facility, on which all Eligible Entities that have VSMPs – and/or the Members of Group VSMPs – can advertise and describe their goods or services, and allow one-click and immediate contact directly to them for these goods or services, by and from all and any other Group Members.

A company that provides a similar service internationally – and which derives most of its revenues from this service – is Alibaba. 

The Global Business Pages Service and Facility will be provided free to all Group Members. There are no costs, fees or charges to advertise on the Global Business Pages Facility.

The Group Business Pages Facility will be open to all Group Members to place their product or service details on, as well as their own contact details.

Because this Facility will be viewed by other Group Members, advertisers can place their contact telephone or text numbers in the advertisement, for immediate one-click contact by any other Group Member at the ultra-low Group costs.

This entire Service and Facility will be a free service to Group VSMPs and Members.

This is a world-first and unique Service and Facility in the Global Telephony Sector.

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The Group has structured the “Global Business Pages” facility to enable the extremely wide variety of companies and organizations within the Group Global Ecosystem to advertise one another’s services free of charge, and to be able to initiate one-click contact with one another worldwide.

However, if the Group’s “equality of opportunity” and “equality of opportunity-access” principles are taken into account, there are large numbers of Members that are, or that have, small companies and organizations worldwide. These small companies and organizations are not always financially strong – especially in developing markets.

Therefore, although they will have the opportunity to advertise their goods and services free of charge, they may not have the resources to sell or deliver goods and services internationally – due to the high costs and complexities required to establish Payment Gateway services or delivery services.

To alleviate this situation, and provide the “equality of opportunity” and “equality of opportunity-access” to all its Members, the Group has therefore structured a “Global Marketplace” facility, on which all Group Members can advertise and sell their goods or services, to other Group Members, in a manner that has unique characteristics.

A company that provides a similar service internationally – and which derives almost all of its revenues from this service – is Amazon. 

The Global Marketplace Service and Facility will be provided free to all Group Members. There are no costs, fees or charges to advertise on the Global Business Pages Facility.

The collection and delivery of products for sale is automatically arranged through the integration of a world-leading international Courier/Delivery company’s software into the Global Marketplace Facility. As such, the pickup at the seller and delivery to the buyer is automatically registered at the Courier/Delivery company through the Group system, with the Courier/Delivery company’s (low) costs automatically factored in to the sale price. / the Group do not add any mark-up to this Courier/Delivery cost, but rather provide this free to Members, as well as negotiating down for Members the Courier/Delivery cost charged by the Courier/Delivery company.

Sellers do not require a Payment Gateway to sell their items. They only need to display their Group ITAN number and Registered Mobile Number, and specific Item Numbers for the products being sold, and payment will be made instantaneously via a transfer of Stored Credit from one Group Member to another, in the Closed-Loop Members-only system, instantly and fully recorded in both Members’ “History” Facilities.

Payment can additionally be made in whatever currency the products are offered for sale without incurring the notorious “double-billing” from hidden and forced Currency Conversions at very unfavorable rates, because Group Members can do their own Currency Conversions at extremely favorable rates between their own Currency Wallets in their Accounts before purchasing.

This entire Service and Facility is a free service to Group VSMPs and Members.

This is a world-first and unique Service and Facility in the Global Telephony Sector.

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To date, the Group has received multiple requests from Members and VSMPs for a targeted Pay-Per-Click (“PPC”) Marketing/Advertising Facility to be applied on its System.

A PPC Facility is one where brief sentences / small paragraphs / images containing marketing information - with clickable links that, when clicked on, lead to websites, videos or online advertisements o- are placed in or on websites.

A company that provides a similar service internationally – and which derives almost all of its revenues from this service – is Google. 

The Group will provide precisely-targeted PPC Marketing opportunities, because every Eligible Entity that established a VSMP in the Group provides information necessary for formation of the VSMP. This information includes:

  • The sector in which the Eligible Entity functions.
  • The precise nature (sub-sector) of the VSMP’s activities within that sector.
  • The address at which it is located – including Country, Province/State, City/Town and/or Suburb.

As such, all of the above information is already in the Group system, but none of it is private business data – just already openly disclosed business or organization locations and sectors of business / activities – and none of it at all is private Member data either.

Moreover, multiple Eligible Entities in exactly the same sectors and sub-sectors have VSMPs worldwide. As an example, Universities.

  • Universities from all countries in the world, many cities/towns in these countries, and many suburbs in these cities/towns have applied to be VSMPs.
  • Therefore, if another Group Member wishes to place PPC marketing on Group platforms targeted at University Students, the facility already exists to allow the advertiser to do so without (mis)using any private Member or VSMP data.
  • This is because the system already has all of the details of the Eligible Entities in the Group system that are Universities, and even what type of Universities, and their Countries, Provinces/States, Cities/Towns and even Suburbs of location.
  • As such, Targeted PPC marketing can be directed automatically by the Group System directly onto the online platforms of Universities – but not just to Universities in general, rather to a far more targeted selection.
  • This is because of the fact that due to the pre-existing Eligible Entity Sector, Sub-Sector and Location details in the Group system, PPC Advertisers can – without gaining access to any private Eligible Entity, VSMP or Member data - select to place their PPC advertisements on the VSMPs of:
  • All Universities in the world, or 
  • Universities offering specific fields of study, or 
  • All Universities / Universities in a specific field of study in one specific country, or 
  • All Universities / Universities in a specific field of study in a specific Province/State of one country, or 
  • All Universities / Universities in a specific field of study in a specific City/Town in a Province/State, or 
  • All Universities / Universities in a specific field of study in a specific Suburb of a City/Town.

Other than this, the PPC Advertiser can also then be sure that all persons who click on his or her PPC Advertisement on the chosen VSMP will all be Students (mostly) at the selected University/ies, or Faculty Members at the selected University/ies, or Parents/Family of Students at the chosen University/ies. 

There is no more Targeted a Marketing system available anywhere worldwide – and it is precise and pinpoint targeting without having to use any private Member or VSMP data, at all.

This facility will be made available to Group Members in the near future.

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As stated by the Global ICT Practice of Frost & Sullivan, the Group’s Global Telephony System has the largest geographic footprint of any telephone company in the world.

Specifically, it is able to make Calls and send Texts to and from all and any Mobile Phones worldwide – or make calls to and from any Landline telephones worldwide.

It is the only telephone Company in the world that can do this (and at costs that are on average up to 80% lower than the standard cost of other providers).

For this reason, other than equipping the Group to be able to carry out comprehensive business worldwide, this situation also provides the Group with the opportunity to implement positive and helpful projects for people on a global basis.

One way of utilizing its global footprint to implement a globally positive and helpful Facility worldwide is the Group’s Global Emergency System Facility, which functions as follows:

  • On a regular basis, many thousands of people either lose their lives or are seriously injured in Natural Disasters worldwide – specifically due to Tsunamis, Tornadoes and similar natural Disasters.
  • The characteristic of multiple types of Natural Disasters that take many thousands of people’s lives is that they are predictable, and predicted, with quite some accuracy.
  • What causes these predictable and predicted Natural Disasters to take so many lives in not, therefore, a lack of information as to their approach.
  • It is rather that there does not exist a comprehensive worldwide system (or indeed, often, not even a comprehensive National or Local system) to inform people of the approaching Natural Disaster in a manner that ensures – to the greatest extent possible – that they will receive the information before the Natural Disaster strikes.
  • This is especially the case in Developing Countries, where the infrastructure for radio and other means of mass warnings do not exist, or people are too poor to afford them.
  • However, in all of these countries and situations, almost all people – rich or poor – have Mobile Phones, and the Group – via – can communicate with every single one of them, immediately, worldwide and simultaneously. It is the only entity in the world that can do this.
  • As such, has structured, for the entire Group, a Global Emergency System Facility, which functions in the following manner:
  • All Group Members can sign up on this Facility for free.
  • Members will provide their address details so that their geolocation is registered in the system.
  • Members who are travelling to X or Y country or Region or City will also be able to enter their destination and period of time that they will be in or at that destination.
  • The Group system will integrate via API connection to all relevant and existing early warning systems, such as the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, the NOOA Storm Prediction Center, and various others that exist internationally. 
  • When a warning is provided of an impending or approaching Natural Disaster, this will be received by the System, which will automatically send out an Emergency Alert Text message to all people in the vicinity where the impending and/or approaching Natural Disaster is due to strike.
  • These messages will be sent out to each Member living in the predicted impact area – or who has travelled to the predicted impact area – in that Member’s selected language as used on the Group.
  • This will ensure that, on a global basis, a comprehensive and real-time warning can be provided to all potentially endangered people, in good time, directly to their own Mobile Phones – for a comprehensive and Global system poof alerts that have the highest chance of success.
  • The highest level of alert – being “Probable to Definite” will be sent out with subsidizing the cost of these Texts and this system in all respects, so that the Global Emergency Alert System is provided completely free to all Members worldwide.

This is a world-first and unique product in the Global Telephony Sector.

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