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  1. Overview
  2. Frost & Sullivan Global Due Diligence on
  3. Specific Attributes of the Group System
  4. Launch Event Movie
  5. The Group's Internet-Initiated Telephony



  1. Overview

The Group comprises the Global Telephony Company and its worldwide Affiliates. is a “Specialized Mobile Provider” or “SMP”, and its Affiliates are “Virtual Specialized Mobile Providers” or “VSMPs”.  


Active worldwide since 2009, the Group has been declared by Frost & Sullivan’s Global ICT Practice as a First Mover and Potential Sector-Influencer in the Global Telephony market. 


The Global ICT Practice of Frost & Sullivan also confirmed that the Group has the largest Geographic Footprint of any Telephony Provider worldwide, and that it has Global Dominance in terms of Mobile Calling and Texting services, and Landline Calling services.


Moreover, the Group’s costs are significantly lower than the standard costs of most other telephony providers internationally, in all countries, for Local, Long-Distance, International and Roaming Calls and Texts by Mobile Phones, and Local, Long-distance and International Calls from Landline Phones.


Other than this, the telephony system is the most widely available and distributed telephony service in the world, because it is:


  • Available on and from all Smart Phones and Smart Phone Platforms – as well as on and from all  Feature Phones and Basic Mobile Phones (WAP 1 and 2 – which still make up 60% of Mobile Phones in use worldwide). It is the only telephony product in the world that is available to, and which functions on, all 6 Billion-plus Mobile Phones in all Countries and Territories worldwide.
  • Available on and from all Landline Phones on all Landline Telephone Systems worldwide, as well as on satellite phones.
  • Available on and from all PCs, Laptops, Tablets and any other Personal Electronic Device (PED) connected to the Internet for initiating calls to and from all mobile and landline telephones – and for sending texts from the system.


The system is not VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), it is Telephony. As a Specialized Mobile Provider, the Group provides an “Internet-Initiated Telephony” service. Once the “Call” or “Text” buttons on a service are clicked, an extremely small data package is sent from the Group’s global server banks to Next Generation Telephone Switches. The Telephone Switches connect the calls, which – unlike VOIP – do not use expensive data bandwidth, and are of telephone network quality. Calls can be made or texts sent to any phone, whether or not its owner is a Group Member.


Although the Group’s services are provided from Guernsey and all Member accounts, VSMPs and activities are deemed to take place in and from Guernsey, the service is available to access and use from all 270+ Countries and Territories worldwide., as the core of the Group, is one of the most Due-Diligenced International companies, and has a blue-chip reputation and standing. It also has a globally experienced and senior Management Team, comprising internationally experienced executives who have proven ability and competence in international business. 


It provides a Global and high-quality service that can be accessed from all countries internationally, at costs that are significantly lower than the standard costs of similar services. It is available for access and use from all Smart Phone platforms, Feature Phones, Basic Mobile Phones, Landline Phones, PCs / Laptops / Tablets and any other PEDS able to access the internet; worldwide, 24/7/365. 


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  1. Frost & Sullivan Global Due Diligence on

A transcript from the video in which the former Global Vice President (now the Global President) of Frost & Sullivan's Global Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Practice summarises the results of Frost & Sullivan's Global Due Diligence on can be seen below:


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To see the video from which this transcript is taken, click here:


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  1. Specific Attributes of the
    Group System

The Group’s Product Suite is unique and custom-built. The end-use requirements were planned before it was built and constructed, so the Product Suite was built according to specification to cater for multiple requirements (6 320 Technical, Software, Hardware, Corporate, Administrative, Legal, Jurisdictional, Regulatory and other requirements). Some of the Specific Attributes of the Group’s system, services and Facilities are as follow:


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  1. Delivery by Online Applications
  • The Group’s Services are delivered by Online Mobile and Desktop Applications - not Downloadable Mobile or Desktop Applications
  • Downloadable Mobile Applications do not run on pre-Smart Mobile Phones – such as basic Mobile Phones and feature Phones. These Phones still comprise approximately 60% of Mobile Phones in use worldwide, and any product that provides a Downloadable Mobile Applications immediately starts out by excluding 60% of its potential market.
  • Downloadable Mobile Applications need to be Operating-System specific, and any product wanting to cover all Smart Phone Mobile Operating Systems would need to build 11+ separate Downloadable Mobile Applications – and these would still not work on computers and other PEDs worldwide (for which further multiple Downloadable Desktop Applications would have to be built).
  • Downloadable Mobile Applications, once downloaded, are legally able to be reverse-engineered by the Mobile Network Operator on whose handsets they are downloaded to – so this is an unnecessary security risk.
  • Downloadable Mobile Applications are also able to be legally reverse-engineered by App Stores on which they are placed, and are subject to very high charges by the App Stores. This represents an unnecessary security risk and an unnecessary and unjustified cost.
  • If a Mobile Application is downloaded to a handset, the Company that owns the downloaded App can be declared as having a physical presence in the jurisdiction where it has been downloaded. This introduces legal and jurisdictional ambiguity.
  • For these reasons, the Group’s Product Suite is delivered via a number of sophisticated Online Mobile and Desktop Applications. This ensures security, cost-effectiveness, availability to all Smart Phones and all pre-Smart phones and all computers and all internet-enabled PEDs worldwide, as well as clarity of jurisdictional and legal domicile. Moreover, if the Icon is saved onto a Smart Phone’s Home Screen as an icon, it provides one-click opening and operation – in exactly the same manner as a Downloaded Mobile Application.
  1. Access via an Online Portal

The Group’s Primary Services are accessed via an Online Portal. Although there are varying views and definitions of the differences between “Portals” and “Websites”, the general view taken by the Group is the following –

  • A Website is a venue where the popularity / interest / sale of goods or services will depend not just on the quality and cost-effectivity thereof, but also on the appearance of the website itself. As such, if it is beautiful, striking or unusual as well as being effective and user-friendly, it may well have more success in attracting clients than those that are not as beautiful, striking or unusual.
  • A Portal is an online venue where the landing page and pages only represent a gateway or portal through which a User or Member gains access to the information and/or service for which he/she is searching. In other words, the most important aspect is not the appearance on arrival. It is the knowledge and confidence of the User or Member that the information and/or service that will be accessed from the Portal is reliable, high quality and cost-effective (and user-friendliness is also required).
  • A good example of what many people consider to be a form of Portal is the Google home Page – which has just one field, but is one of the most used Search Engines internationally, because the information accessed from the field is considered to be reliable and high quality.
  • The online venue of the Group is a Portal. As such, it is not the appearance of the landing page that is of interest to its Members. It is the knowledge and confidence that once logged in, they can access and use the full Product Suite of its high-quality facilities easily, and that they are reliable, effective and cost-effective to use. The attractive features of the Product Suite are rather in its effective and reliable service, its global inter-operability and application across all possible platforms, its ease of use and reliability, its security, and its very high-quality at very low cost.
  • Other considerations for the online venue to make it a Global product were that it had to be usable and accessible on all mobile and desktop browsers, on all Smart Phone Operating Systems, on pre-Smart Mobile Phones, on all computers and PEDs. It also had to be easily accessible and affordable in high and low internet bandwidth countries, to Prepaid and Postpaid service users, on varying mobile and internet networks with varying firewalls. It had to be constructed so as to be easy to use by Members with varying degrees of online capability, with to font types and sizes that will render properly on all devices, in every country and language worldwide. Moreover, colors and symbols that carried negative connotations in varying countries had to be avoided. Finally, the entire Group Product Suite is constructed without JavaScript – because pre-Smart Phones cannot work with JavaScript.
  • It is for these reasons that the layout of the landing page of the Group’s Online Portal is a simple Static Page, with all other pages within it similarly built to be light in bandwidth use, with a simple font that will render clearly and in-position on all devices, and limited and clear wording. This is to cater for all degrees of market sophistication in terms of online products, because 60% of the world does not yet even have internet on desktops and uses only Mobile Internet, there are high rates of only partial literacy in multiple countries, and bandwidth is extremely expensive - with very slow page-loading speeds - in many countries.
  1. Group Calls and Texts are
  • Group Calls are “Internet-Initiated”, and then take place over a global telephony infrastructure. They are not VoIP.
  • The Group’s telephony Structure and Process is – as are all of its other facilities in-toto – custom built to fulfill a specific function in a specific way.
  • When the Group’s Calling Facility is being looked at on a Phone or PED, what one is actually looking at is the product on the Group’s servers.
  • When the “Call” button is clicked on the Calling Facility, a very small amount of data (approximately 48 bytes) is sent from the Group’s server banks to Next Generation Telephone Switches, which connect and route the call over the Global Telephony Infrastructure.
  • This is why all Group Members are able to Call and Text to the telephones of any persons worldwide – not just to or within Members of the Group; and why the Group is able to be a Global Telephony Provider.
  • From the moment the “Call” button is clicked, no action related to the carrying out of the call takes place on or over the internet, and the internet connection could even be shut down and the call will continue as normal.
  • This is particularly relevant – as is the fact that the Group pages render on Mobile Phones and other PEDs using extremely low bandwidth – because in many countries, and for “Prepaid” Mobile Phone users (70%+ of all Mobile Phones in use) – the cost of internet or Mobile Internet bandwidth is very expensive.
  • The correct definition for Group Calls and Texts is therefore that they are “Internet-Initiated”, because the only role that the internet plays in them is the Call or text initiation.
  1. Total inter-operability throughout the Group and Group Sites, VSMPs and Members worldwide have total inter-operability between themselves through the Group System.


Although each VSMP is a stand-alone entity, the Group system has been built to have 100% interoperability and access between all VSMPs and all Group Members. This has been done for multiple reasons.

  • One of the reasons is to enable seamless centralized review and management of the entire Group ecosystem – and all of its VSMPs, Independent Agents and Members – from a central point.
  • A second reason is to enable seamless communication and management of Sub-Agents and VSMPs by Independent Agents, regardless of where other Agents and VSMPs are located.
  • A third reason is to enable Members of and all VSMPs to interact seamlessly with Members in other VSMPs.
  • A fourth reason is that – because Members can in fact log in through any VSMP and have all of their credit and data displayed and ready to use in exactly the same way that they do over their own VSMP – if a VSMP is ever taken down by the Group, it will not affect the Members of that removed VSMP at all. This is because all of their Stored Credit, History, data and everything else remains exactly as it is an unchanged via all and any other VSMPs, and they will simply be redirected to another VSMP if theirs has been taken down (only taken down if the VSMP’s Eligible Entity has contravened Group Terms).
  • There are multiple other reasons for this construction, relating to the implementation of effective KYC and Anti-Money Laundering considerations.
  • Despite the centralized functionality of the Group facilities and infrastructure, it is delivered from multiple geolocations, with multiple backup and mirroring server banks, to endure continuance of service and retention of all real-time information and records in the event of any hardware failures and/or cyber attacks.
  1. Group Security

The Group has applied a great deal of attention to Member-side security and security in general on its Product Suite. A summary of some of the Security Features are as follow:

  • The Group integrated the services of the global online security companies “Inauth” (for Mobile) and “Accertify” (for Desktop) anti-fraud reviews over its Payment Gateway. These are two of the world’s leading companies in this sector.
  • The Group has also applied its own Security Features, including its own self-developed “ITAN” system to ensure positive identification of members when in conjunction with their Registered Mobile Numbers.
  • The Group has also implemented its own self-developed Five-Factor “Multi-Factor Authentication” systems within its Facilities to protect Members and their activities / transactions to as high a level as possible (note: international standards usually only utilize Three-factor Multi-Factor Authentication).
  • As the Group is a Telephone Company, these Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) systems were not only developed in-house, they are also run in a fully self-contained manner, with the Transaction Authentication Numbers (“TAN Numbers”) that are part of an MFA system also being generated and sent from in-house.
  • There are additionally multiple other Security elements within the Group Product Suite. Summary details of these elements can be seen by reviewing the “Security” Page on Group Portals.
  1. Summary of the Group’s Services

The Group’s Services comprise some of the most comprehensive services of any Telephony Provider worldwide. They encompass the full range of both Mobile and Landline Telephony providers for Calling and Texting services – all in one Company.


Moreover, the Group provides these Services to it Members at costs that are on average up to 80% lower than the standard costs of other providers.


Other than this, the Group’s low rates, easy access, universal workability on all makes and models of the 6+ Billion Mobile Phones in use worldwide, including:

  • All Smart Phone operating systems
  • All pre-Smart Mobile Phones – which still comprise up to 60% of Mobile Phones in use


As well as on:

  • All Landline Telephone systems
  • All internet-enabled PCs and MACs
  • All Tablets
  • All other Internet-enabled PEDs worldwide
  • Across all Desktop and Mobile Browsers
  • On all networks

These reasons, together with its compelling value proposition for all of its facilities across all market-sectors, and its Global Dominance in geographic coverage, being available in, and to, 195 Countries / 241 Countries and Territories worldwide, were why the Global ICT Practice of Frost & Sullivan declared – and thereby the Group – to be a “First Mover” and “Potential Sector Influencer” in the Global Telephony Sector.


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  1. Launch Event Movie

The launch event of / the Group broke (and holds) the world record for a media event in terms of the number of viewers worldwide, and the number of television stations that broadcast it internationally. A Television Documentary was made on this event, which can be seen by clicking the link below:


Click here to see the TV Documentary


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  1. The Group's Internet-Initiated


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